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miss jessalyn

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justus [Aug. 12th, 2008|09:16 pm]
miss jessalyn
[Current Location |dillwyn, va]
[music |cicadas, woodpeckers, crickets, frogs]

Lisa and Clarke have been living in Boston so a few days ago Paul and I flew out there to meet them. We mostly walked around a lot. There are a lot of super serious beefy Irish white dudes in Boston and they all have intense Boston accents. We ate some pretty random food but the vegan pizza in Cambridge was not bad. Also in Cambridge we saw a huge brawl unfold in the streets right before our eyes. What was most amazing was that the fight started AFTER the cops arrived! People got maced and it was nobody's fault. The rain was coming down hard. We took a long spiritual journey to Allston and had to disagree with Seth Putnam of Anal Cunt's opinion that everybody in Allston should die. The neighborhood seemed like a pretty cool mashup of world cultures: Russian, Cambodian, Korean, Latin American and more upon one block. Plus some hesh metallers and a vegan pizza and deli run by crusties.

After Boston we took the Chinatown bus to New York for a casual Sunday afternoon. New York super instantly in your face. Ladies whispering "Chanel purse" in your ear as you walk past crowded shops and African immigrants selling knockoff designer luggage. I was right about New York: definitely Sesame Street multicultural banging trash can lids together in the alley. Lower East Side. We also took the subway uptown to 42nd St. then the express downtown to 159th Ave. A New York dream. Times Square was full of rowdy Dominican teenagers celebrating the pride of their Republic. Lots of police and lesbians of color. Waiting by the airport in remote Queens we encountered people which were not real in any sense: at the liquor store a young Italian-American wearing boxer shorts printed with dollar bills left his car running and hip hop blasting while he went in to buy cigars and lottery tickets. Acrossthe street another Italian dude IN A VELOUR TRACKSUIT chatted with his friend, a shorter longhair but balding sleazy porn man who was doing some building repairs. Another tan It-Am in neon shorts rolled up to buy lottery tickets. Tracksuit got in his limo and said to his friend, "If you need me I'll be driving around."

Our southern journey continued to Philadelphia to hang out with Bryan and Thera and get some sleep. Mostly though just to have the experience of being in the Northeast's three largest cities in one day. We gossiped about old friends and then got pretzels at 12:30 fresh from the pretzel factory's late-night operations.

We're now in Virginia at our final destination: Lisa's dad's family farm. We arrived late in the afternoon yesterday and of course set off fireworks immediately. Then we took a walk around the lake where Lisa found a large mammalalian bone and a turkey feather. Lisa decided to brave the lake sludge to reclaim the paddleboat so we took a joy ride around the lake. The trip did not have a 100% happy ending as Lisa threw out her back trying to beach the boat. Paul cheered her up with a mashup display of m-80's flanked by colorful smoke bombs and infinite bubbles. This was followed up by a sparkling firework fountain and a variety of roman candles. Then we made a found food dinner of canned and frozen items. Actually we also made two desserts: spice cake and peanut butter cookies which were jammin' indeed.

Today we headed into the Big City (Farmville) to pick up some important supplies: old books, mason jars in which to brew sun tea, a vacuum, and a week's worth of snacks. Then we came back and got down to business. After a while Lisa and I decided to take a break and head to the secret spot, "where all the animals go to get married." On the way back to the house we discovered some more gifts from nature: down feathers, miniature pinecones, and the remains of animal which looks to have been a racoon. Some of its parts include a long penis bone, a claw, and some grayish fur. We also saw some tiny frogs. Having a blast: EASTERN EDITION!!
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here at the NEWS-eum [Jul. 15th, 2008|10:10 pm]
miss jessalyn
I bought a new computer. That's bangin' cause the screen went dark on mine like six months ago so I haven't really been full-on computers since then. If you haven't seen my cool computer using style of shining a lamp at the screen, too bad it was a REAL TREAT. Now I am in fancyland in preparation for a FUN four years of school.

Paul moved back from Greensboro and we are looking for somewhere to live in Oakland. Where I can glue paper and stick stickers to other things and he can keep banging out the awesome posters like this one. SEEYA SF suckers! I can't wait to commute on BART, every day!

Except right now I am not commuting anywhere except my kitchen for some snacks cause it's SUMMER dudes. Only you wouldn't know because it's always cold in San Francisco. A few weeks ago PJ and I drove down to visit my parents but on the way stopped at many special places I have always wanted to visit including 1) Bodie 2) hot springs (Buckeye it's a thumbs up) 3) Manzanar 4) Death Valley

At DV it was 120 degrees YES. The desert is so mystical/trashy. It's because there's so much of it so you can basically do whatever you want, real no parents no rules NATURE edition. We didn't make it to the Salton Sea because Paul's car basically broke down so unfortunately we did not get to hear Leonard Knight sing us his personal song about his love for Jesus. We did see Sam in LA and visit the Integratron however.

In a more general news sense, besides starting school and moving to Oakland, I just finished some artwork for a KIT 7" and am having a show in October or November. Paul and I are also heading east to visit Lisa and Clarke in Boston in August, after which we will drive down with Lisa to her dad's farm in Virginia.

As far as this weblog goes I think I will probably be moving it somewhere else more contemporary soon as it's no longer the 90's. Where are the RSS feeds livejournal! I need to let everyone know about my boyfriend drama/struggles with teenage depression ASAP! GET REAL I HAVE A NEW COMPUTER SO I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. If you are desperate for important news, you can check out my website or look here or here or here or even here or just call me.
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(no subject) [Jan. 8th, 2008|11:20 am]
miss jessalyn
I have come out of the terrible doom world of sickness and there are still storms. This morning I woke up, made myself some french toast, read a book, and listened to my new Cambodian garage record. I shouldn't be buying any records because I am broke in an unbelievable way, but I bought this before I knew that. Erin is coming by soon and we are going to plan out our art show which is opening February 7th, and then I have a meeting at SF state where I will hopefully avoid taking a really difficult test in order to get my English teaching credential. I have also a new job, working in an elementary school library two days a week. Good timing on getting it - their librarian just quit! Life path being totally figured out now, one thing I enjoy as a result of an extended time out of town.

I should write something about Chicago but I am going to go clean my room now.
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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2007|09:03 pm]
miss jessalyn
[mood |sleepysleepy]

HI all. I apologize for the lack of "life updates," a criticism which has recently been directed towards me. I think I did enough journal writing and blogging over a couple months to last me for a year, but apparently some people require new cool events to be happening in my life all the time. (ps. just look at my photos what more do you need.

Anyway, school started again so I'm back to work. Having three months off was pretty exceptionally awesome. I got an art studio in August so that's pretty much where I've been most of the time, hence, the lack of life updates.

Right now I am sick but am about to head out to a killer bus show with KITES among others after I eat this rad vegan pizza I made. I'm on a KICK. This one has two kinds of fake meat and some Japanese eggplant, with one half cashew cheese and one half follow your heart vegan gourmet style. Why? Why not!

I am working on a series of "dream houses" right now which is based on my all-time favorite childhood activity of making collages out of my parents' JC Penney and Sears catalogues. Right now it's just landscapes with some houses (pretty loose interpretation) but will eventually involve interiors (I got plans but its tricky). There will be a new zine to go with it to. Deadline is Lisa's art show in Chicago (that's December 1st midwesterners, we might be there a while so make plans to hang out with us!).

Also I think I'm going to start doing some posters again. The Business Lady record i did the artwork for is apparently coming out in November, and the Foot Village one some time next year.

In the meantime, here's this:

Happy fall everyone! I am totally feeling sentimental as I do every time this year. PS. Who wants to go camping with me??
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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2007|02:24 pm]
miss jessalyn
[mood |peacefulpeaceful]
[music |native american songs and dances]

went on us tour with woman's worth. saw many things, made many friends. learned small towns and improvised music are not the best combos i.e. stick to cities unless yr in a rock band, then you'll rage. although i guess psychedelic rock and new music are compatible cause that was a huge chunk of the shows. hit my quota there for a bit.

tour infoCollapse )

so now i'm settled back into real life. san francisco is beautiful and shiny and gentle and there are so many possibilities. there is a strong community here to be a part of that i love, full of wonderful busy people. being gone was exciting and reenergizing and made me appreciate all this beauty. also reinforced the major negative - lack of space and cost. i am so torn. paul just bit it and moved to greensboro to attain more space at less cost. i feel conflicted - so many people i love and want to collaborate with but life is so expensive. everywhere had these amazing spaces to envy. so maybe i'l move someday, we'll see. still don't think it's time for school again, i dunno what but right now life is awesome.

lisa and i impulsively rented an art studio saturday. we've been needing one badly and it's not the ideal space by far but it's the best opportunity for now and i think it's going to triple our awesome life experience. i feel like i'm in her mindset last year: loving this life here but simultaneously wanting to go everywhere.

oh, think i am getting unemployment at least for summer. whatta gift. i am never bored by not going to work and now i have time for living. how can i do this always.

i'm trying to finish some stuff for a gallery show today/tomorrow. it's a pretty fancy situation i'm not used to. hope it comes out ok. arrgh. after that, i think more zines (forest and forest life is done, email if you want a copy) and more silly art. i have lots of books to read and have been learning to play the kalimba. i got really excited about the possibilities of solo voice/kalimba loops on tour so i will accept any line 6 pedal you want to give me.

here's what's in my salad: romaine lettuce, shiitake and button mushrooms, yukon gold potato, smoked tofu, heirloom tomatoes, pink radish, beets, leeks, grilled eggplant. life most certainly rules hard.
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busytown sorta [Apr. 15th, 2007|06:36 pm]
miss jessalyn
did some trippy artwork for the business lady record coming out on load ('torture footage' look for it)
trying to get a zine on forests out for ape next week but heavily slacking
bought an ipod recently and wasting all my time organizing mp3s
transferred my obsession with buying old jazz and international record into heavy downloading
kellen moved back to the us for a while suddenly and is living in our house until he can go back
we need to get 2 new roommates, epic
woman's worth us tour in june, i'm coming for fun, come see us all over
went to visit my parents in riverside over spring break, spent most of the time in the car
stayed at sam's house in los angeles with lisa for a night
got heavy into the always awesome la noisepunx scene for 3 shows, positive totally
working too much! the kids like me now tho. friday they said my look was "poppin"
i know a lot of cool hood slang now

really jamming out on this music:
alice coltrane - journey in satchidananda
the witch - lazy bones
abe vigoda - kid city
max roach's freedome suite- we insist!
archie shepp - blase (finally "got" it)
old rhythm and blues, reggae and rocksteady (hi i'm 16 again)
panda bear - person pitch
notorious big - ready to die
gamelan recordings
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really cool snack zone [Feb. 22nd, 2007|12:22 pm]
miss jessalyn
my computer broke so i have been bad at writing back to emails and i just haven't been posting here anyway. keep meaning to write real life stories, too busy with art.

instead, here's what i ate yesterday:
cup of coffee
bowl of oatmeal w/blueberries
piece of sourdough bread w/earth balance
3 radishes
a small pink lady apple w. cashew butter
a banana (thanks rainbow grocery for the midday fruits & veggies)
bowl of angel hair pasta w. grilled zucchini and other vegetables (leftovers)
bottle of natural brew root beer
1/2 sandwich w. smoked tofu, spinach, hummus and sundried tomatoes on sourdough
1/2 chocolate chocolate chip cookie
big cool plate of pad thai made by eva and christina and will
several glasses of red wine
some wheat-free almond tart thing paul made

is that a lot of food? i think it's awesome
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just had a realization about the present [Feb. 3rd, 2007|09:24 pm]
miss jessalyn
[music |sleep - jerusalem]

I'm going to a "goth" party later tonight but right now I'm sitting in my room drinking rum and pineapple juice working on the Business Lady artwork. This involves cutting out pictures of fungi on logs from a field guide to non-flowering plants I bought from the Sebadaoh guy at a yard sale today. While doing this I have been singing "mooooooorels" along to the third track on Sleep's Jerusalem.
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(no subject) [Dec. 26th, 2006|11:25 am]
miss jessalyn
I'm in Colorado now where the snow is white and so are all the people. Three days driving with my parents and their dog, intense. I'm not someone who needs a huge amount of alone time but after three days spending every moment with humans including during sleep time I tend to start really wanting to be by myself. Last time I went on this trip I sorted myself out with some personal time thrifting for an afternoon but this time I cannot drive the rental car so it's resulted in dorking out on the internet and reading beat literature about nature retreats.

I was gifted with an awesome new digital camera for Christmas which rules really hard. So now I'll be back in the picture-taking game. It does video with sound too so I've got a couple shots of snow drifting across the highway like gentle cloudy snakes to the soundtrack of Jamaican rocksteady.

moreCollapse )
Today I am going on a tour of the Fat Tire brewery with my cousins which is going to rule. FREE TASTY BEER. Since I'm sick and not used to be in this warm/cold contrast the past couple days I'll have a beer or something and then just want to fall asleep. It's nice to have hardly nothing to do at all (save for some accounting for my dad) and I don't know what to do with the time so I end up just hanging out being lazy. By the way, New Year's Eve at Huffin House with the compounded party of almost all my best friends in LA and the Bay is going to really rule, everyone should be there or you'll miss out for life. Now I'm going to go eat some fancy cereal and fake sausage and then check out the new Brian Chippendale book. Yes. PEACE.
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meta [Dec. 7th, 2006|12:52 am]
miss jessalyn
[music |lucky dragons]

There's always too much to say so a short synopsis will do for now.

Thankstaking was spent at Huffin House in Oakland eating much food, giggling, drinking much wine, game playing, then falling asleep while watching Home Alone 2. Photos can be found here as ush but not too many cause my batteries died. Other dudes got em so check the friends list.

Next day me Katie Adam and John decided to set off on an ill-planned journey to Sykes Hot Springs in Big Sur. Always wanted to go camping/visiting there, this consisted of a 20 mile roundtrip hike up and down a 7,000 mountain. Pretty epic but really fun and we didn't kill each other and are mostly still friends and everything and we went in some warm (not hot) springs with a bunch of naked college students from Santa Cruz getting wasted. We all accidently dipped our feet in various parts of the river and Adam hurt his knee but we ate delicious food and our bodies were exhausted for days afterwards (like really I did not go anywhere).

I have been teaching jr. high in Hunter's Point i.e. the projects lately. It's pretty tiring, they asked me to be their permanent on-site sub but not sure if I can handle it or not. The pay is not bad and I could pay off loans and then travel after it ends mid-June, but it's a stressful job and the hours are longer at this school than most (extra pay to compensate, oh and benefits + 5 sick days, not much in the real world but better than I got). It's tricky because I might be doing some part-time work for AMP, the best most positive nonprofit ever and my always perfect job so it looks like I'll probably have to choose between the two, argh. Not complaining though, options are good.

Looking forward to a 2-week break soon, I'm behind on all responsible type things as well as crative endeavours. also will be cruising to Colorado with the fam for holidays so I'm hoping for a stopover in somewhere insane and gnarly like Salt Lake City. And maybe a friend visit too while I'm there. I'm really into writing again lately. I've always had this feeling that after the several years break I took from creative writing due to college essays then recovery from that experience and then a casual attempt to build a personal style that isn't obviously cliche there would be this outpouring of creative energy. It's been building up for a while and I think it might start flowing, like out the front door and down the street and everything even.

When I first moved to San Francisco I was so stimulated by all the new things that after a month or two I went into panic mood because I was getting "bored" by walking down the same street every day because it wasn't totally new anymore. Then recently I realized what you come to love is knowing the nuances in things, like the knowledge that comes from that daily experience which allows for detailed information and a noting in changes. Like which streets have the most dogs or children or double parked cars, or when there is new graffiti or trash/free stuff or a plant, or where is easiest to park a car or buy my favorite beverages, or the quickest/safest to bike down or where someone cute lives or where I see the old man sitting on his front stoop in the NAVY hat telling everyone who passes by that he loves them. It's nice when your surroundings become like a friendly person you know. And then you have this intimate knowledge of a place, like when Sam and I realized we had lived in San Diego for a long time because of all the shortcuts we knew, like how the quickest way to get to the airport or a show at the Casbah was to jet down this canyon in a quiet residential area.

LG=Life's Good
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